Time for license renewal – got some bad news and some … ok just bad news.  My car essentially failed all obd2 codes.  It’s burping, sputtering and farting eats gas like there’s no tomorrow and if I can’t fix it, there is no tomorrow for this car.

Have an appointment to fix it up to $450. limit and then get a conditional pass for it good for two years.
I’ll keep you posted.

All finished with the check up. Turns out it cost me to do the tests at about 450.00 . There was no work performed accept for a changed fuse and they gave it a clean bill of health with a full pass. Rather expensive fuse. I can drive my car for another two years or until it dies. I don’t believe these checks are doing what they’re supposed to do unless the intent was to put money in the coffers of government and select businesses.

My car’s engine light came back on a day later, but I’m safe.

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