Melodrama In My World 



It happens, you think you’re being kind, you think you’ve dotted your i’s and crossed your t’s but someone thinks you insulted them.  Insults are not something I practice on public domain and I really take offense and notice when / if someone thinks I have.

Social Media reminds me a bit of driving, except driving is way easier.  The part that is similar has to do with the rage part.  Internet rage is a real thing that you might want to be careful you’re not inadvertantly subscribing to.  I recently posted a comment that included a link to a site that lets you know if the post you’re sharing is a scam or not.  Seemed harmless enough, however the person who had just followed all the rules for that site and did her faithful copy / paste was very offended.  In fact so much so that she ranted for days on it and if she wasn’t related to me I would have banned her and reported her for harassment.  I tried to fix it, but she was suffering temporarily from internet rage and wouldn’t be pacified.  Long story short, we are now not talking because it goes nowhere and leads to more insults and inflammatory comments that just escalate.


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