On Riding

I have actually been able to ride my horse at the new stable.  She was really responsive and a pleasure to ride.  I think she’s going to give me the confidence I need to get back on the trails again.



I have moved my horse to a lovely location closer to my job, making it so much easier to see her daily.  Across the road from the stable, there are a series of trails for horseback riders only – about 25km of them.  I look forward to tackling this in the spring.


Sadly the horse I rode at my sisters place, suffered a tragic accident and had to be put down.  It was very traumatic for my sister and the details will stay with her.  He was a lovely horse around 19yrs old.


On my last post about riding, I had recently had hip surgery and was going to wait until June to try to ride.  That has come and gone and the summer has past, however, I did make some headway.  After a long lovely trip across Canada via Westfalia van, I began to feel more flexible and stronger.  Fast forward two weeks later, I sat on my sisters horse and it felt great.  It was as if I never had a twenty-year break from riding.  This past weekend I finally rode my own horse after owning her for more than a year.  It felt great.

viva n me

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