Nudist Beaches – Bane or Beauty?

I saw a wonderful article in the Huffpost about a nudist beach in Penticton being closed and the users being shamed by its’ owners who would like to sell it.  All of a sudden the hundreds of people who have enjoyed coming to this beach for decades are turned into creepy voyeurs who are only looking for sex, drugs and well voyeurism.

Come on people seriously!  People come from all over the world to this beach and I hardly think if they wanted to be creepy, they’d pay thousands of dollars to visit this particular beach so they could creep the nudes or do lurid acts in the bushes.  I’m sure it’s cheaper to stay home.  They come for the beauty and because they love the freedom.  Yes the beauty, not just of the beaches but of the human body whether fat or thin or misshapen and the freedom from stigma.  The owner however has turned a little prudish and would like to sell his little piece of land sans nudists.  Why not as a co-op, all the nudists get together and buy that chunk of land or at least a local business take advantage of the potential real estate goldmine this could be.  This would ensure it’s use for their intended purpose for as long as they owned it.  No one thought of that yet because they are too busy either feeling ostracized for being nude or being a prude and not wanting the shame “in my backyard”.

You be the judge and while you’re there you can get an idea where nude beaches are located in Canada.  Some are rather surprising.

The website for the anti-nudists shaming website is

however you won’t find much there.  Some people walking up to a fence 99% of whom are fully clothed and doing nothing that shows their intentions ie: no drugs, no alcohol, no indecent acts just out for a stroll to a beach.  Oh, wait, they’re crime is being on private property.

Ads on Craiglist purport to set up clandetine trists at this local beach – wonder who the lucky sole was to research this?

Another lovely article chronicling this anomaly can be found here:

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