Two days on The Road

and I’m a goin to make it home tonight.

The plan:  Sandbanks for a night (or possibly two) then a day at the Toronto Zoo.

What actually happened:  Drove for three hours and one ferry ride to get to the shores of Lake Ontario and the Sandbanks Provincial Park.  We found our spot in the “A” camping in Outlet River camp and proceeded to put up the tent.  I thought I had brought the smaller tent but discovered the very large one instead.  Took about 30 minutes to put it up and could not find any tent pegs except two crooked ones. We didn’t care – we set it up with no tent pegs and it was still stable.  No rain or wind predicted so we were satisfied.

Made supper of gluten free mac & cheese with gluten free weiners on the little camp stove.  Gluten free tastes ok, but man does it turn to glue fast in a pot, however it was tasty and a better meal than what we consumed on the way to the Sandbanks.

After a trip to the beach to drink in the beautiful view of sand, sun and water and numerous photos we went back to camp and crashed for the night.  I was up at 5:30 to get my favorite photo ops of rising sun and mist then back to camp to produce a culinary delight on the campstove of bacon, green pepper, onion, eggs and cheese all delightfully fried in butter into an amazing fritata.  That was filling.  We were then off again to the beach to take in some rays and capture more beach moments on film.

Packing.  Not my favorite thing made even worse by a monstrous tent that was completely covered in fine sand and bugs.  Took – you guessed it – a half hour to complete this process and then we made out merry way down the shoreline to Trenton, the 401 and ultimately the Toronto Zoo.  The 401 is an endless ribbon of traffic all jockying for front of the line making it more of a death on wheels route.  In spite of the danger, the beating sun and the early start I still felt drowsy.  It was all I could do to stay awake.  Stopping at a couple of OnRoute stops was helpful and we eventually made it to the zoo. IMG_5302

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